How to Write and Publish a Children’s Book + The Secret Ingredient to Amazing Pasta Salad

In 2019 I published a children’s book called The Jolt Around the World. Since then, numerous people have asked about the process of writing and publishing a book. It would be impossible for me to sit down with each individual and explain how to write a children’s book, so I decided to share the information through a podcast episode. If there is anyone out there who has a dream of bringing their idea to life, I want to help make that happen. In today’s episode, I offer a little about my own writing and publishing journey as well as the 10 principles of picture book writing, created by Ann Whitford Paul, author of Writing Picture Books: A Hands-on Guide From Story Creation to Publication. During the month of March we are focusing on The Wheel of Life, a diagnostic tool meant to help people harmonize the six core areas of our lives: health, relationships, spiritual/personal development, career, family and friends, and money/finances. If one of your career goals is to publish a children’s book, I hope you find this episode to be a great resource and motivator. 
P.S. At the very end, I share the secret ingredient to make amazing pasta salad. 

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